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The animals that came out to play were brilliant

Animates Scotland came to a beaver colony in Rosyth, Becky was really great with the children and the animals that came out to play were brilliant. Gary Dewar, Assistant District Commissioner Beavers for Rosyth

The children loved it all!

Thank you so much for coming on Friday. The class teacher Beth MacLean thought it was excellent and the children just loved it all. Maureen Andrews, Gateside Primary School, Fife

You shared lots of knowledge

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for Holly’s party. She had a really great time as did all her friends!! You have a great way with children and you shared lots of knowledge with them from beginning… Read more “You shared lots of knowledge”

Fantastic birthday party

Thanks for a fantastic party, Ayden and his friends had a ball. Ms C Gentles, Falkirk, Stirlingshire

Animates do a wonderful job

I cannot recommend Becky enough. She made the party amazing with her fantastic animals and the knowledge that she shared with us all. Not only were the children enjoying the experience but the adults loved it too even those unsure… Read more “Animates do a wonderful job”

The talk of the playground

Natalie and her friends (and bigger people!) had a fantastic time and it was the talk of the playground on Monday morning. Everyone adored your lovely animals, I think your hedgehog won for being the cutest though – a few… Read more “The talk of the playground”

Delighted with the hands on experience

We were absolutely delighted with the hands on experience the children had with the animals and bugs you took with you. You were extremely patient with the kids and they all seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. Alasdair was delighted. We… Read more “Delighted with the hands on experience”

Fantastic collection of interesting creatures

Having met Becky before at another party, we invited her to our 9 year old’s birthday party. She had a fantastic collection of interesting creatures and shared so much fascinating information about them all. It kept all the children really… Read more “Fantastic collection of interesting creatures”


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