Special Offer – Make a Booking for the Best Party Ever!

Invite some really unusual guests to your party!boy holding Australian bearded lizard at birthday party

You will have an unforgettable party experience in the company of our intriguing animals, from tortoises and hedgehogs to lizards and snakes. There are also creepy crawlies for the more daring!

As well as being great fun, you will learn lots about our animals, how to handle them with confidence and care, and how we can all work together to protect the amazing wildlife of our planet.

An Animates visit is not only a fantastic party idea, it’s enjoyable for the adults too!

It’s really easy to make a booking enquiry – just fill in our short form and we will contact you very soon.




To help celebrate the start of the new school term, Animates is offering reduced travel costs to nurseries, schools, clubs and care homes who book an animal handling session in September. The use of live animals can enhance and bring to life classroom topics including mini-beasts, habitats, life cycles, food chains, endangered species and biodiversity topics connected with the curriculum for excellence. We travel all across Scotland with sessions tailored for all ages and abilities. For more details contact Becky by email on becky@animatesscotland.co.uk or phone 07825 509162 or fill in our form – MAKE A BOOKING ENQUIRY
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