Curriculum for Excellence

Our sessions for schools are based on the Sciences element of the National Curriculum for Excellence, in particular Planet Earth, Biodiversity and Interdependence.

Animates prides itself on bringing an educational, hands-on learning experience to enhance the classroom sessions already being taught, with a focus on conservation education.

Our workshops are suitable for all ages and abilities and Animates also caters for groups with special needs or requirements. Sessions can be designed to be more tactile and hands-on and will be delivered by a facilitator with experience of working with special needs groups in a similar environment.

To discuss your specific needs, please contact us and a facilitator will be happy to talk you through session ideas.

Guidelines for Sessions In Your School


Age Range              Group Size                       Session length

Nursery                       max 20 pupils                      45 minutes

Primary School          max 35 pupils                      60 minutes

High School                max 35 pupils                      60 minutes

Dundee School Science Week

Dundee School Science Week

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