Animates is a conservation education organisation. We are passionate about inspiring young people to respect and value animals.

Animates provides fun, interactive, and hands-on learning sessions using a team of animal stars! We help bring to life topics such as endangered species, habitat adaptation, life cycles, and biodiversity.

Through educational workshops for schools, youth and adult groups, and children’s birthday parties we introduce participants to endangered species that are are at risk of becoming extinct, possibly even in our lifetime.

Our sessions for schools are designed to enhance classroom learning for the Science element of the National Curriculum for Excellence, in particular Planet Earth, Biodiversity and Interdependence. Workshops can be tailored for all ages and to suit all abilities, including pupils with special needs.

We also participate in public events, for example drop in sessions with talks, displays, and live animal handling sessions.

We work with HM Revenue and Customs on the prevention of the illegal trade in animal merchandise. As part of our workshops we bring along seized animal artefacts to raise awareness of the effect the illegal trade can have on these amazing creatures.

Based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Animates offers a unique and unforgettable educational experience for all ages.

Conservation education

Conservation education

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