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Epi our Brazilian Rainbow Boa

These snakes have amazing iridescent scales that create a rainbow glow when they reflect light. Read More...

Curious Creatures at Dundee Science Centre

Georgie made the evening paper after his appearance at the Curious Creatures event at Dundee Science Centre. Read More...

Meet the Team!

Some of our animals have come to stay with us due to different rehoming needs. They get lots of TLC here at Animates. Read More...

Georgie the Greek Spur Thighed Tortoise

Georgie can move surprisingly fast for a tortoise!

Animates at Dunbar SciFest

Animates provided a drop-in session at Dunbar SciFest, attended by around 3,500 people keen to learn about science. Read More...

Special Offer – Make a Booking for the Best Party Ever!

An Animates visit is not only a fantastic party idea for the kids - adults have a great time too! Read More...

Ceps, our Australian Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragons get their name as their throat expands when they feel threatened. Read More...

Animates and Mister Bug team up!

Some of the Mister Bug animal team have joined us including tarantula star Ammo, giant African land snails and more! Read More...

Animates Scotland is an Educational Outreach Company.

H M Revenue & Customs

Animates works with HM Revenue & Customs on conservation outreach. In our drop-in sessions and workshops we use animal artefacts that have been confiscated by Customs, to highlight the effect this illegal trade has on endangered species.

Curriculum for Excellence

Animates brings the animal kingdom right into your classroom! With the help of live animal stars our workshops complement the sciences aspect of the National Curriculum for Excellence, in particular Planet Earth, Biodiversity and Interdependence.

STEM Ambassador

Animates and Mister Bug is owned by Rebecca Rowe. In addition to managing the business and looking after the animals, Rebecca also shares her passion for wildlife through her work as a STEM Ambassador.

Children's Parties

Imagine having a lizard or tortoise come to your birthday party! Animates can provide an amazing and unforgettable birthday combined with a valuable educational experience.
Below are our latest news stories and facebook stories- covering new animals, workshops and adventures we have been part of. If you have questions about any of the stories please get in touch and we will get back to you. We look forward to hearing from you!


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